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      Feel free to fuck off her, prefer it for feedback eventually, then finally being restricted to specific users, such as our members on Twitch(rest api).
      Other then that, today I should have the community highscores done, this is just for overall levels/xp on OSRS.
      I haven't decided if this will be available for guest submissions or not, mainly because of the member based awards/achievements I want to integrate into our tracking system.
      But for now, if your registered, you can just go to your profile and edit your profile settings and setup your OSRS username, currently your profile WILL display your username, so just a heads up.
      Today I will also be looking into completely removing passwords, meaning the only way to register is with a single sign on such as Google+(Your GMail), we are also requiring two factor authentication for every single member as of sometime this week.
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      Regarding my recent announcement...     eMart will now be known as Port Sarim, the full migration will happen soon.   We are finally taking off with the idea and here's a list of what I've decided to plan for the future. Any noted RuneScape features, please remember it's for Oldschool RuneScape. Forums are being completely removed(We are still using IPSuite for our community software) Skill/XP Tracker Similar to crystalmethlabs Awards/Achievements Twitch Integration - We will be sponsoring streamers at some point Quest Guides with checkpoints to save where you left off at as well as syncing stats with quests that are able to be done, displaying what you can and can't do, as well as what you can do with boosted stats Minigame Guides(Low Priority) Skill Guides(Low Priority) Skill Calculators Goal Trackers Community Highscores Clan Portal - Create, promote and manage your clan members Dynamic Signatures   Now  if we decide to go down the 'dark path' and keep our marketing platform(which may or may not effect our audience since we would shuned and hated by Jagex for black market promotions) we will also be promoting Scripts/Scripters from Osbot     I've left out a few things I have planned later on, but those can be left as a surprise.   The forums will be removed on 2/10/2017, the website is staying the same, no worries!   I am currently looking for the following to help speed production up(Not needed) Dedicated OSRS players to help with data collection and bug testing(OSRS related features with OSRS related data) Graphic Designers - Community Contributions - this sort of matter announcements will be made. We are looking into a 100% custom IPB template soon, if you are interested in working on giving a hand or contributing, feel free. Are you a Java/Php developer?    We are working on an aerial view video of Port Sarim at the moment for the background of the website(optional and not enabled by default), as well as looking for several submissions for the background picker(Must be in HD!)   That's all,   Xylate Skype: live:df35eb156895edd9

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